Looking after your locks means keeping your business safe. Yet, proper lock care not only keeps your belongings safe but also keeps thieves from getting in. In this post, we will talk about some tried and tested commercial lock maintenance tips. We will also share the best ways to do it the right way.

Tips and Practices for Commercial Lock Maintenance

You should check the lock frequently.

The first step to keep your commercial locks in good shape is to check them often. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as loose screws or broken parts. Check the keyhole, latch, strike plate, and electrical parts too. If something seems off, take care of it right away. Doing so can avoid bigger issues down the line.

Regularly oil your lock.

Keep your locks in good shape by using the right lube. Over time, dirt and other stuff can build up, making it hard to open the lock. Do not use oil-based ones. They tend to attract more dirt and can cause gumming. Instead, pick a lube that leaves no stains on the keyhole, bolt, latch, and joints.

A technician lubricating a latch as part of commercial lock maintenance

Clean the locks as often as needed.

Keep your locks clean by wiping them down with a soft cloth or gentle cleaner. Be careful not to get any cleaning solution inside the lock mechanism, which can damage it. For electronic locks, follow the instructions for cleaning so you do not harm any delicate parts.

Keep your keys clean and well-maintained.

Keys are an important part of your lock system. So keep those keys away from anything that could damage them. Avoid placing them in places that are too hot, too wet, or areas that will cause rust. Also, you should get new ones if your keys look worn, like if they are bent or have sharp edges. Changing your locks as soon as possible is a good idea for extra protection.

Conduct regular security audits.

Hire a professional locksmith or security expert to check the overall security of your commercial property. They can find weak spots and tell if anything needs repair or lock replacement. They can also suggest advanced security measures like electronic access control systems.

Educate your employees.

Train your staff on how to use and maintain locks. Tell them to report any broken locks or suspicious behavior. Make sure to remind them always to close doors securely and not give out keys without permission. Lastly, encourage everyone to stay alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.

Enlist the help of professional locksmith services.

Have a professional locksmith take care of your locks. They can keep your locks in good condition, handle emergency lock problems, and offer expert advice. A locksmith can also show you how to update your locks for better protection. So schedule regular check-ups to make sure your locks are working correctly.

A technician performing commercial lock maintenance


Commercial locks are like having an expert bodyguard for your business—always there to protect it. Make regular checks, lubricate them, keep keys in order, get security assessments, and teach staff about security. Get a professional locksmith, and your business will stay safe and secure. Invest now in commercial lock maintenance to make sure you are properly guarded.

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