Undoubtedly, commercial locks are essential to security, protecting valuable assets and sensitive information. However, commercial locks are susceptible to wear and tear like any standard locks. If you are dealing with a faulty lock, it can lead to various problems that compromise its effectiveness. So it is important to understand that commercial locks vary in type and complexity. That said, it may take professional help to get them working again. 

If you worry that your locks are not as strong and reliable enough, this blog is for you. This feature will explore some common commercial lock troubles and their solutions. Whether you are a business owner or manager, understanding these issues helps maintain a secure environment for your property.

Solutions to Common Problems with Commercial Locks

There are several solutions to common commercial lock problems that can help maintain the security of a commercial environment. Here are some of the most common solutions:

Key Stuck in the Lock: Lubricate stuck key with a spray lubricant which may help it release from the lock. If this does not work, use pliers to twist and remove the key gently. However, if the key remains stuck, then it is time to call an expert locksmith.

A technician lubricating a commercial lock

Broken Key: You can remove a broken key with pliers or a pair of tweezers. So, call a locksmith if the key is too deep in the lock. Replace the key with a new one to avoid future problems.

Misaligned Latch: If the lock’s latch is not aligning correctly with the strike plate, adjust the strike plate’s position with a screwdriver. That will prevent the door from sticking or not closing properly.

Worn Out Lock: If the lock is old and worn out, replace it with a new lock. That will prevent it from jamming, breaking, or intruders picking it.

Frozen Lock: To fix a frozen lock due to cold weather, try applying heat with a hairdryer or rubbing alcohol. Consider contacting a locksmith if the issue persists.

Malfunctioning Electronic Lock: If an electronic lock is not functioning correctly, check the batteries, replace them if necessary, or reset the lock. However, if the issue persists, contact the manufacturer or a licensed commercial locksmith.

Prevention of Commercial Lock Problems

Preventing commercial lock problems is key to ensuring a business’s security and smooth operation. Therefore, consider these tips to avoid common commercial lock issues:

Regular Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain locks to ensure they function correctly. So lubricate the lock’s moving parts and check for signs of wear and tear.

Use High-Quality Locks: Purchase durable locks that can endure frequent usage and are impervious to drilling and picking.

Secure Keys: Keep keys in a secure location and are only accessible to authorized personnel. Consider using a key management system to control access to keys.

Commercial locks kept in a key cabinet

Install Security Cameras: Install security cameras in strategic locations to monitor the premises and deter potential intruders.

Limit Access: Limit access to certain building areas by installing locks on doors and cabinets. Doing this can help avoid unauthorized access and minimize the likelihood of theft or harm to important resources.

Train Employees: Educate employees on how to use and maintain locks properly. Teach them to report any suspicious activity or malfunctioning locks immediately.

Taking proactive measures such as following these tips can help prevent lock-related issues from occurring. As a result, businesses can minimize the risk of lock problems and ensure the security of their premises and assets. Also, working with a reputable locksmith to provide professional installation, repair, and maintenance services is crucial.

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