When it comes to ease and safety, keyless entry systems are miles ahead of regular keys. These systems use electronic signals to let you lock and unlock your car without ever having to use a key. Remote controls (also called key fobs) and receivers are installed in the car and are the two main parts of a keyless entry system. Some newer systems can even connect to apps on your phone, which adds more features and makes things even easier.

Understanding Keyless Entry Systems on Cars

With a keyless entry system, you can start your car and get in without a standard key. Instead, they use wireless signals and electronic sensors to tell when the driver is close and let them in. This clever technology makes your car safer and more convenient, so it is a good idea to opt for it. 

Benefits of Keyless Entry Systems

So why are keyless entry systems a popular choice for modern drivers? Here are some of the benefits:  

Better Security

Keyless entry systems are a real game-changer when it comes to theft protection, thanks to their advanced encryption and technology. For example, to unlock and start a car with a keyless entry system, you need to have the proximity key fob with you. So, even if a thief manages to get into the car, they will not be able to start it without the key fob. With this advanced feature, you can rest easy, knowing your car is safe and sound. 


In the same way, keyless entry makes life a breeze for car owners. Just walk up to your vehicle, and the doors unlock automatically—no more fumbling around for keys. Plus, starting the engine with the push of a button saves you time and effort. Hence, this feature is a real game-changer for modern drivers, making every trip smoother and more enjoyable. 

A woman uses a keyless entry system to open her car door while holding a bag of groceries.
Integration With Apps for Mobile Devices

Do you know that many keyless entry systems can sync up with mobile apps? That means you can control and monitor your car right from your smartphone. Through this app, you can lock or unlock doors, start the engine, and track the location. Plus, you can even get notifications about your car’s security status. It is like having a smart assistant for your car, making life a lot easier.

Top Keyless Entry Systems for Your Car

Upgrade your car’s security and convenience with these top keyless entry systems:

Compustar CS7900-AS

The Compustar CS7900-AS is a top-tier keyless entry device that doubles as an alarm system. With a range of up to 3,000 feet, you can start and lock your car from a considerable distance. The two-way remote keeps you informed about your car’s status by verifying commands so you always know what is going on. It comes with security features like a car immobilizer, a warning siren, and a shock sensor.  

Viper SmartKey

The Viper SmartKey stands out with its cutting-edge technology and super user-friendly interface, turning your smartphone into a key for ultimate convenience. 

Key Features: 

  • Bluetooth connectivity for seamless integration 
  • GPS tracking for added security
  • Remote start functionality for convenience
  • User-friendly app interface for easy operation

Want to know the best part? Through the app, you can share access with family or friends, which makes it perfect for households with multiple drivers.

Fortin EVO-ALL

Not only does the Fortin EVO-ALL work with a wide range of cars, but it also has keyless entry and remote start. It has a bypass module that lets it work with different car types and offers security features, keyless entry, and remote start. The setup is very simple and quick, thanks to its easy installation and intuitive design. You can also use your smartphone to control it with an optional app for added convenience. If you want a simple and reliable keyless entry system, the Fortin EVO-ALL is a great pick.

Avital 4105L Avistart Remote Start

The Avital 4105L Avistart Remote Start with Two 4-Button Controls makes keyless entry and remote starting your car a breeze. It features an LCD screen that shows your car’s status and includes a location-tracking feature. This system offers peace of mind by ensuring your car is safe and secure. The LCD screen adds extra convenience, letting you check if the doors are locked or if the engine is running at a glance. Plus, with the location tracking feature, you can always know where your car is, giving you that extra layer of security and peace of mind.

A box of Avital keyless entry systems with two car remote controls

Car Keyless System Installation

Before installing any system, it is always best to talk to our professional car locksmith at South Pasadena Lock. We can help you find the best system for your needs and set it up so you can enjoy all of its features right away.

How to Take Care of Your Keyless Entry System

Thus, maintaining your keyless entry system is crucial for its longevity and top-notch performance.

Regular Check-ups: Make sure your car security system works well by having South Pasadena Lock check it on a regular basis. With expert help, you can identify and address potential problems before they arise. By having a professional car locksmith do these maintenance tasks, you can relax knowing your car is safe, and your system works as intended. 

Battery Maintenance: As needed, check and replace the key fob batteries to avoid unexpected car lockouts.

Software Updates: Keep your system’s software up to date to enjoy the latest security enhancements and features.

Clean and Inspect: To keep everything in tip-top shape, always clean your keyless entry parts and check them for wear or damage.

Embrace the Future with a Keyless Entry System

The ease and safety of cars have come a long way with keyless entry systems. Because of how busy life is in South Pasadena, CA, anything that makes your daily tasks easier is a relief. Imagine being able to start your car through a key fob and never having to look for your keys again. Can you imagine how much easier life is because of these little devices? 

Remote Car Starter and Installation Near Me

Always looking for your car keys? Get a keyless entry system to take advantage of all the benefits of driving. Enjoy better safety, more ease, and a sleek, modern look that fits right in with the luxurious way of life in South Pasadena, CA. For both car security system installation and repairs, trust South Pasadena Lock. We are the best choice to make sure your keyless entry system works efficiently because of our experience, outstanding customer service, and complete understanding of the needs of the local community. Call us at South Pasadena Lock right away to set up your appointment and begin the process of driving smarter and safer.

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