When it comes to keeping your business safe and secure, finding the right lock is essential. Among the many options out there, magnetic locks have become a popular choice. However, are they the best fit for your business? In this blog, we will explore the features and benefits of these powerful locks. Then, we will help you decide if they are the right security solution for your business in South Pasadena, CA.

Magnetic Locks: What Are They?

Magnetic locks, or maglocks, use an electromagnetic force to keep doors securely closed. When the power is on, the magnet creates a strong bond with a metal plate on the door, keeping it locked. Meanwhile, cutting the power releases the lock, allowing the door to open. This system makes it easy and quick to keep buildings safe, which is why many businesses choose them.

How Many Kinds of Maglocks Are There?

Maglocks come in two main types: surface-mounted and mortise.

Surface Mounted Maglock

Its name comes from where it is installed: surface-mounted. Professional commercial locksmiths put this kind of maglock on the doorframe’s surface.

Shear Maglock

One more choice is a mortise lock, which is also called a shear lock or recessed lock. This type hides the nuts and bolts of a maglock. Because they use pins to hold the door in place when it is closed, shear locks are smaller than surface-mounted maglocks.

Key Features of a Magnetic Lock

Excellent Toughness and Longevity

The impressive strength and remarkable longevity of maglocks make them highly sought after. The magnetic force created is incredibly strong to hold and control heavy doors. In the city’s commercial settings, these locking devices protect doors and areas with a lot of foot traffic.

An exit door equipped with magnetic locks and a door closer
Safe in Case of Emergency

The fail-safe design of magnetic locks is one of their distinctive features. If the power goes out, these locks will open themselves, letting you safely leave the building. This safety feature is crucial, especially when you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a swift exit.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Curious about lock installation and maintenance? Magnetic locks are pretty simple to set up and need little upkeep. In fact, you can mount them on different kinds of doors, like glass, metal, and wood, with no major changes. As part of maintenance, these locks only need basic checks to make sure the magnetic parts are working properly.

Access Control Systems Integration

When paired with access control systems, maglocks really shine. With options like keycards, biometric systems, or remote controls, businesses can not only boost their security but also keep a friendly eye on who comes and goes. This setup makes managing and tracking entry a breeze. It is like having a high-tech bouncer who is great at multitasking.

Why Businesses Should Use Magnetic Locks

Better Security

When it comes to benefits, these robust locks are best for protection. The strong magnetic force makes it very hard for thieves to push the doors open. That is the great thing about these locks—they are way safer than your run-of-the-mill locks.

Easy Access and Efficiency

The ease of these electromagnetic locks is unmatched. This feature lets you easily handle entry and exit points by connecting to access control systems. Using keycards or biometric systems, employees can get in and out without actual keys. Using maglocks reduces the risk of unauthorized key duplication.

Good Visual Appeal

Elegantly designed maglocks are a great choice for companies. With their sleek and modern look, they fit right in with the design of modern office spaces. Since there are no obvious mechanical parts, these locks do not detract from the building’s overall design.

Solution That Saves Money

Even though they cost more at first, magnetic locks can save you money in the long run. They last longer, so you will not need to call for a lock repair service or replace them as often. Their ability to work with current security systems can make things run more smoothly. It could lower the overall cost of security management as a result.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Magnetic Locks

If you are thinking about getting magnetic locks for your business, you need to think about your unique needs and conditions. Take a moment to consider the following:

Installing a magnetic lock system at the top of a door frame
Type of Businesses and Security Needs

Every business has its own unique security needs. For a tech company with loads of sensitive data, high-security measures are a top priority. On the other hand, a shop needs to focus more on customer flow and easy access. Magnetic locks can cater to a wide range of needs, but it is crucial to know what those specific needs are.

Location and Building Specifics

When choosing if magnetic locks are the best option, the location of your company is important. South Pasadena has both new and old buildings. Magnetic locks are a good choice because they can work with different building designs. You should think about the design of your building and the current security system when you are ready to put magnetic locks in. With their ability to go with a variety of styles and increase security, they are a great choice for businesses in the area.

Local Regulations

It is important to follow local safety and security regulations. Magnetic locks have to comply with specific standards to be legal. South Pasadena Lock, for example, can help you ensure that your installation meets all the regulations.

What Makes Magnetic Door Locks for Businesses a Good Choice

Magnetic locks have a ton of benefits, such as lower costs and higher levels of protection and convenience. They are a great way for businesses in the city to improve and protect their space. Prior to starting, you should carefully consider your specific needs, the building specifications, and any laws that apply. If they fit right, these “magnet-powered” locks can be a great investment for your company.

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