Car keys are important elements in the functionality and security of vehicles. Cars and keys go together, and imagining one without the other is almost impossible. However, you will likely need a replacement car key at some point. When this happens, you need to know that there are various types of car keys, each with a specific purpose. Knowing which car key type you have will help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Most Common Key Types of Cars

Mechanical Car Keys

A mechanical car key is a piece of metal cut to match a specific vehicle keyway. Older cars usually use them, though they can also be found on new ones. However, as the name states, nothing else about the key protects it from unauthorized duplication. In addition, mechanical keys contain little to no encoding or security features, making them easier to copy.

Flip-Style Car Keys

Also known as switchblade-style, flip-style car keys are used by many users today. The actual key folds away into the key fob when settings are pressed, making it easier and safer to carry around. It is also significantly more compact than traditional keys, reducing pocket bulk and jingle. This type of key was a specialty item in the past but has recently become a popular choice for car owners.

A driver handing over her transponder car key

Laser Cut Car Keys

Laser-cut car keys are commonly used to deter theft, with a configuration that makes them harder to replicate and less likely to be misplaced. In contrast to traditional metal keys, laser-cut keys have grooves on both sides of the key. With this added security measure, thieves must try every possible step to get past a laser-cut vehicle key. This type of car key can also utilize a transponder chip.

Transponder Car Keys

These are by far the most common car keys in use today. As remotes do, these keys have electronic components that communicate with the vehicle to confirm that the key is valid. However, unlike a remote control key, you must program a transponder key to work with the car. So you usually need the help of a car locksmith or dealership before it can start your engine and drive away.

Remote Car Keys

Remote car keys are like laser-cut car keys that feature push-to-start buttons. This type will let you unlock the vehicle and deactivate the alarm. It has a built-in transponder that recognizes the car and turns on the ignition. However, you must insert this remote the ignition to start the vehicle.

Smart Car Keys

The smart key system works through a transponder chip which starts the engine and allows access to the trunk. Once you place your thumb on the door handle, the vehicle unlocks, and you can open it with a push. Without removing and inserting the key, the engine can start simply by pushing the switch. Unfortunately, this type of key can be expensive to replace.

A car that uses smart car keys

Get a Replacement Key for Your Car

Your dealership will be the best place to get a replacement key for your car. The dealership will be the best place to go when your vehicle breaks down, and you need to replace it ASAP. They can craft keys of all kinds and build a customized keychain that replicates your original.

However, going to a car locksmith specialist may be more cost-effective than going to your car dealer. An expert auto locksmith can get a new one made even without the original key. To make the process easier, get in touch with the locksmith first and ask for information about how much it will cost.

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