If you own a car, having your transponder key not working is something you want to avoid. Although, it is possible, and when it happens, some questions may cross your mind. So, what should you know about transponder keys and what to do if yours suddenly stop working?

What Is a Transponder Key?

Transponder keys are a great way to keep your vehicle secure. A radio signal is transmitted through the key fob to the vehicle, enabling you to start the engine. This system makes it harder for thieves to steal your car, as they need the specific key programmed for that vehicle. There are ways to bypass transponders, but they tend to be expensive and require specialized equipment.

A transponder key inside the car

What to Do if Your Transponder Key Does Not Work

Check for Any Nearby Devices

Before you start your car, it is important to ensure that no other devices nearby could interfere with the RF signal required to start the engine. You should take note of this, especially if you have multiple keys to the same car. Nearby devices can sometimes interfere with each other. So before you turn the key, look around and check that nothing else near your car could cause problems.

Replace the Battery of Your Transponder Key With a New One

Many transponder keys rely on small batteries to relay messages to the car’s onboard computer system. Over time, these batteries will die, and you will need to replace them. Fortunately, this is a relatively easy process that you can do at home using a screwdriver. For specific instructions, consult your vehicle owner’s manual. 

Meanwhile, a car locksmith can replace key batteries for you. Locksmith services are much more affordable than purchasing a car key replacement from a dealer. At South Pasadena Lock, we have the best transponder key batteries for the right price.

Are Locksmiths Allowed to Do Transponder Key Programming?

Yes, a skilled lock specialist should be able to assist you with reprogramming a fob. There are several situations where you may require a lock professional’s assistance.

When you misplace or lose a key fob

An expert can assist you in reprogramming an old fob. The technique varies depending on the car make and fob style. In many situations, you can also reprogram a generic fob you purchase.

A transponder key being programmed by a locksmith

When a key fob has been damaged or broken

Sometimes a key fob will break due to damage or age. In these instances, it is sometimes possible to fix the key fob and reprogram it.

When the battery life has died or expired

After replacing the battery, you may have to reprogram the key fob to get it running again.

Why Call a Car Locksmith Service?

Many people prefer to have a third-party lock expert replace their car key fob instead of returning to a dealership. One reason is that dealerships typically charge a lot for replacement fobs—sometimes hundreds of dollars. In contrast, having a key fob programming service from a mobile locksmith usually costs much less. Another advantage of going to a car locksmith is that they can often create a custom fob from a generic one. Again, the result is lesser service costs.

Car Locksmith Near Me

Do you have issues with your car lock key or transponder key? Then South Pasadena Lock is ready to assist with emergency locksmith services. We are the go-to emergency locksmith in South Pasadena and the neighboring areas, and we have all the tools needed to do the task right. We can quickly identify problems with any car keys and reprogram them to get your vehicle started. To learn more about what we offer, visit our website. Then, call (626) 788-2363 for free estimates.

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