Are you curious about how a fingerprint door lock works? Security in the digital age involves a wide range of software and hardware. Businesses can opt for web-based security services, biometrics, and personal devices with integrated security levels. Among these, biometrics has been a major advancement in security technology. These systems allow for more reliable and effective identification of individuals.

Fingerprint door locks are an increasingly popular option for those seeking extra security for their business. But how do these locks work, and what are the benefits of using them in your workspace? In this feature by South Pasadena Lock, we will take a closer look at this type of smart lock.

How Does a Fingerprint Door Lock Work

Fingerprint locks use your fingerprint data to grant or deny access. When you first place your finger on the scanner, it converts your fingerprint into numerical data and saves it as a template. It repeats this process every time you want to give a person access.

A user scanning finger on a fingerprint door lock

When someone else places their finger on the scanner, the lock compares the numerical data to the pre-saved values. It only gives access if a match is found, then the door will open. However, it denies access if there is no match and the door remains locked. It takes only a split second to finish the process.

Why You Should Use a Fingerprint Door Lock at Your Workspace

There are many benefits to installing a fingerprint door lock system in your office or place of business. With a fingerprint lock system, you can be confident knowing that your property is secure. You can also monitor the entrance and exit of any building with this type of system. Here are some reasons to consider installing a fingerprint lock system in your office:

Easier Traffic Management With Fingerprint Door Lock

The fingerprint system can control the traffic of people entering and exiting the building. The system stores the data of thousands of employees’ fingerprints. So, when anyone enters the building, they scan their finger, and the device retrieves their fingerprint. As a result, it controls the influx of people at the entrance and allows entry to only authorized personnel.

Fingerprint Door Lock Improves Security 

Fingerprint door locks are cutting-edge security measures that offer far greater protection than traditional key locks. Key locks are simple to pick, and multiple people can use one key. It differs from fingerprint locks, which require unique fingerprints to grant access. Thus, the security system improves as it captures the entrance and exit of employees and other people. Moreover, you can pair it with a guard tour system to further increase the organization and security of your company.

Fingerprint Door Lock Maintains Employee Monitoring

Fingerprint door locks are an excellent way to keep track of employee data and entry/exit times. They also help to keep an eye on people who access the building, which is helpful for security purposes. In large offices, these locks can be very useful for tracking employees and keeping the premises safe.

Fingerprint Door Lock Minimizes Fraudulent Attendance and Piggybacking

People use card access systems in many office buildings to track each other’s attendance. However, with a fingerprint lock, people who enter the building without scanning their fingerprints will not be able to leave. In addition, the exit scanner will not register their entrance, so they will not be able to get out.

A fingerprint door lock on a commercial door


There is no denying that fingerprint locks have many benefits. They are secure, affordable, non-intrusive, and almost fail-safe. In addition, you do not need to carry a key or remember a password; you can grant or revoke access to as many people as you want. So, a fingerprint door lock is worth considering whether you are protecting your home or office. Consult a company specializing in smart locks for more details.

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