Everyone needs to be safe in commercial places in today’s busy world. Panic bars, which are small but have very strong safety features, can make a big difference. In an emergency, these panic hardware, sometimes known as crash bars or push bars, expedite people’s escape. You can get out with just a push, which is very helpful in fires, earthquakes, or security risks. Understanding why panic bars are important and installing them in your business can make it a lot safer. It will keep employees, clients, and shoppers safe. It will also give you peace of mind and may even save lives.

What Are Panic Bars?

First, let us talk about what panic bars are. Business owners install these hardware on exit doors. Their design makes it easy to get out quickly in case of an emergency. You only need to push these bars in one direction, making them very easy to use. The first panic bars appeared in the early 1900s. Since then, they have changed to become more useful and dependable. These days, they come in many styles to meet different needs and preferences.

The Importance of Panic Bars

Why are these push bars so crucial in commercial settings? Let us talk about it more:

A Safer Shopping Experience

Imagine this: Another busy shopping day in the South Pasadena Shopping Center. Families, groups of friends, and solo shoppers fill the stores. Suddenly, there is an emergency. If there are no panic bars, the entrances might get crowded. For some people who panic easily, it might be hard to open doors when things get chaotic. With push bars, mall goers can make a swift and safe exit.

Legal Requirements

The City of South Pasadena requires panic bars on exit doors in commercial buildings, including malls. According to the California Code of Regulations, panic hardware is necessary for buildings with high occupant loads. These laws ensure public safety by allowing safe and efficient egress during emergencies like fires and earthquakes.

A panic bar in an exit door of a mall allows for quick evacuation during emergencies.

Why Install Panic Bars

Now that you know how important they are, let us look at why using panic bars in your business is a wise decision.

Better Compliance and Safety

First off, panic bars are an important part of following fire safety rules. They give customers as well as staff more security, ensuring peace of mind for everyone as they shop or dine out.

Easy Access and Convenience

With panic bars, getting out of a building is a breeze. Just give them a little push, and you will be out in an emergency. Also, their design is so inclusive that even those persons with disabilities can easily access it. As a result, shoppers feel secure, knowing exits are accessible.

Save Big with Cost Savings

With panic bars, mall owners can save money in the long run. They help keep insurance costs and possible legal fees down. Plus, modern panic bars last a long time and need less upkeep.

Choosing the Right Panic Bar

Picking the perfect exit device for your commercial space is key to keeping everyone safe and meeting building codes. Here is an easy guide to help you make the best choice.

Know the Types of Panic Bars

There are a few types of these crash bars, each great for different situations:

  • Push Bars: This classic type has a horizontal bar that opens the door when pushed.
  • Touch Bars: These have a flat panel that opens the door when pressed.
  • Crossbars Exit Device: Feature a rod across the door that releases the latch when pushed.
  • Panic Door Alarm: This type provides additional security by sounding an alarm when the bar is in use.
Think About Your Building’s Needs

Different buildings have different needs based on how they are used:

  • High-Traffic Areas: Go for heavy-duty panic bars built to handle lots of use.
  • Schools and Hospitals: Look for those with extra safety features like delayed egress or alarms.
  • Retail Stores and Restaurants: Choose push bars that are both secure and look good.
Follow Building Codes

Make sure the push bar you pick meets local building codes and safety rules. For example, in many places, like South Pasadena, panic bars are required for emergency exits.

Durability and Upkeep

Choose panic devices of superior quality that are strong and require minimal upkeep. Stainless steel or aluminum bars are great choices because they are tough and durable.

Budget Wisely

Likewise, budgeting is important, but do not skimp on quality. A good panic bar can reduce your insurance rates and lawsuit risk over time, thereby saving you money.

Check for Compatibility

Make sure that the crash bar you pick fits your current doors and is easy to set up. For instance, certain types are designed to fit metal or wooden doors.

A business building features a securely installed panic bar on an exit door.
Look for Extra Features

Think about any additional features that might be useful for your needs:

  • Alarm Systems: This will add an extra layer of security.
  • Delayed Egress: Prevent unauthorized exits while still allowing safe evacuations during emergencies.
  • Weather Resistance: This is important for exterior doors that are exposed to the weather.
Get Help From Experts

If you are not sure, talk to someone who works in security or building safety. Here at South Pasadena Lock, we can give you useful advice and suggestions based on your specific needs.

Maintaining and Inspecting Panic Bars

Once installed, it is important to maintain and inspect your panic bars regularly.

Maintenance Tip

Make sure that the push bars or fire exit hardware works all the time with routine checks. To avoid problems, take care of any problems right away. To ensure the reliability of your panic bars, perform these easy maintenance steps.

Skilled Inspection

Regular professional checks are necessary. Certified experts can spot potential problems. Doing this will make sure that your panic bars last a long time and work properly. 

To sum up, adding panic bars to any South Pasadena commercial property is a wise investment. They make things safer, help you follow the rules, and give you peace of mind. Hence, for any business owner, installing and maintaining these emergency exit bars is a smart choice.

Panic Bar Installation Near Me

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