In a world where safety is very important, installing locks correctly is one of the most important things you can do to protect your stuff. While many think installing a new lock is as simple as screwing in a few bolts, there is an art and science to it that ensures the lock not only fits but also provides the best security. Let us help you learn the most important tips and tricks for a successful new lock installation in home and commercial settings. Are you ready to find out more? Let us jump right in.

Understanding the Basic Types of Locks

Door locks keep our homes, workplaces, and cars safe. But not all locks are made equal. There are various kinds of locks, each made for a specific need and purpose. You can better decide which meets your security needs if you know about these types. Let us break them down:


These are the only types of locks that do not require installation. You have probably used one on a school locker or a shed. They come in combination (where you use a series of numbers to open) and keyed types.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are often found on interior doors and residential front doors. Within the knob itself is a lock mechanism. Even though they are popular, they are, on their own, not the best choice for external security because they are easy to break or pick.


These are common for exterior doors and are more robust than knob locks.


  • Single Cylinder: Operated with a key on the outside and a twist knob inside.
  • Double Cylinder: Requires a key on both the inside and outside, ensuring added security, but can be a safety concern during emergencies.
  • Lockable Thumbturn: Combines features of single and double. It has a thumbturn inside that you can lock using a key. It acts as a double cylinder when locked and a single when the thumbturn is not locked.

Lever Handle Locks

They are common in commercial settings due to their ease of use, especially for those with disabilities. They have a large push-down style handle. These locks are typically installed on interior doors as they offer little security.

Cam Locks

These are cylindrical fasteners used for cabinets, mailboxes, and some furniture. They allow a wide range of keying options. The rotation range is usually between 90 to 180 degrees.

Mortise Locks

They are common on many commercial doors and some residential ones. A mortise lock has a flat, rectangular body and fits inside a pocket cut into the door, which makes it very safe. It contains two faceplates (for the latch and deadbolt) and can be more durable than other locks.

Euro Profile Cylinders

Popular in Europe and growing in popularity elsewhere, you can find these locks on sliding and aluminum doors. Usually, they come in single cylinder, double cylinder, and with a thumbturn.

Smart Locks

An evolution in lock technology, these locks can be integrated with home automation systems and operated via smartphones, voice commands, or biometrics. Smart locks offer conveniences like remote locking/unlocking, temporary access codes for guests, and connection to security systems.

Interconnected Locks

These are popular in apartment buildings and have both a knob lock and a deadbolt included in one. You can open the lock and the door latch by turning the knob inside. They allow speedy exits during emergencies.

What Our Lock Expert Recommends

Out of the ones listed above, our locksmiths suggest these three popular types of lock:

  • Mortise Lock: Mortise locks are strong and durable and can be seen in many South Pasadena businesses. To install mortise lock on your storefront door, you have to carefully and precisely cut a pocket in the door.
  • Deadbolt: When it comes to home security, deadbolts are the gold standard. They are hard to break into and offer solid protection. When installing a new deadbolt, ensure it is at the right height on the door.
  • Smart Lock: Today’s problems need today’s answers. Smart locks are even better. With a simple tap on your smartphone or mobile device, you can open or close your doors from away. Do not forget that how well it works depends a lot on how you set it up.

Lock Installation for Home Sweet Secure Home

Imagine coming home from a long day to find that your lock does not work or, even worse, that someone has tampered with it. A poorly installed lock in your South Pasadena home can compromise security and cause stress. Whether you are looking to install new deadbolt or exploring smart lock installation options, check if it is in the right place, the screws are tight, and there is no gap between the door and the frame.

New Lock Installation Does Workspace Wonders

Suppose you work in a busy South Pasadena office full of people on a Monday morning. When you enter the office, the key breaks inside the lock as you try to open the door. Not a good start, right? Such situations show how important it is to have a new lock installation. In a workplace with a lot of foot traffic, it is crucial to have a sturdy lock that lasts a long time. A correctly installed lock will last years and protect crucial data, assets, and the team.

Professional vs. DIY: Making the Right Choice

While countless DIY videos and guides are available, door lock installation is not just about attaching a mechanism to a door. It requires knowledge, precision, and the right tools. If you are inexperienced:

  • You might choose the wrong type of lock for your door or setting.
  • Improper alignment can result in a lock that doesn’t function smoothly.
  • The lock might not provide the security level it should.

Although it is satisfying to complete a job on our own, it is sometimes best to let the experts handle lock installation. Sure, you might save a few bucks up front, but if you mess up, you could put someone in danger or even damage property. For instance, drilling through a door is not as easy as it looks. Professional locksmiths have the tools, expertise, and experience so you can be sure that your new lock installation is done right the first time. Hence, while DIY can be tempting, professional installation ensures your locks work effectively and last longer.

Lock Installation: Your Key to Security

Looking for a top-notch lock installation in South Pasadena? Whether you are a home or business owner, securing your property is crucial. Do not leave things to chance. Instead, rely on South Pasadena Lock—your local lock experts. We specialize in tailor-made locksmith services, ensuring you get the peace of mind you deserve. If you are in the South Pasadena area, make the smart choice and safeguard your premises with the best in the business. Call us today and let our team provide unmatched lock installation and locksmith services!

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