Auto theft is a problem in South Pasadena. According to, the vehicle theft rate is higher in South Pasadena than in other nearby cities. While the figures may not be significant in the overall car theft incidents in the US, it still represents a huge number.

Sadly, it is not hard to steal a car today. Thieves use all kinds of tactics to steal cars and four-wheeled vehicles. With so many stolen cars, it does not take much for thieves to find your car, break in and drive off. Good thing there are simple measures to prevent your vehicle from getting stolen. 

How to Prevent Auto Theft

There are many common-sense methods for preventing auto theft, including the following:

Secure car doors to deter auto theft

One way to discourage theft is to remain vigilant about locking doors. Make sure to double-check that all your car doors are securely locked before you leave them unattended.

Always check your car doors to deter auto theft.

Lock car windows

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) urges people to close car windows when they are not in them. A thief can easily reach into an open window and take whatever they can grab or unlock the door to gain full access to the vehicle and its contents.

Do not leave the car running unattended

The NICB warns against “puffing” or leaving a car running unattended. A thief can break a window and drive off with your car. A known tire company also advises against leaving your car running, even for a quick errand. Criminals are standing by, ready to get in and drive off with a car with keys left inside.

Park in well-lit spaces

Where you leave your car can make a big difference in whether or not it becomes a target for thieves. When selecting a parking area, ensure it is brightly lit and prominently visible to passers-by. That will make any would-be robber much less likely to consider stealing your vehicle.

Leave no valuables in the vehicle

To avoid attracting thieves, do not leave valuables in your car. If you must bring something valuable along, keep it hidden. Car locksmith experts recommend putting these items in the trunk before you arrive at your destination. Why? Because some thieves scout parking lots for people moving items to their trunks. Once the owner has left, they will break into the trunk to grab whatever was hidden in it.

Consider an anti-auto theft security system

Locking the doors of your car while you are away is a good idea but not the most effective way to protect it. A better option is installing an anti theft device, which helps deter thieves or catch them red-handed. So if your car does not have a car alarm yet, install one. Many car insurance providers these days offer discounts on car security system installation.

A GPS tracking device prevents auto theft.

Emergency Locksmith Near Me

You cannot fully safeguard yourself against problems like auto theft or a car lockout. Yet, there are things you can do to reduce the chances that you will become a victim of it. Good thing the South Pasadena Lock is here to help you in this type of emergency. We have provided car security system installation in South Pasadena and surrounding areas for a long time. And we commit to providing reliable auto locksmith service so you can be sure you and your vehicle are safe.

Our locking systems include car alarms, remote central locking, immobilizers, transponder keys, and more! Plus, our 24-hour locksmith will help you select the right security system for your car and install it in minutes. Call us at (626) 788-2363 for more details about our car security system and installation services. 

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